Your shortcut
to home ownership

Even can triple your deposit getting you on the property ladder sooner.

Even is a second-charge mortgage secured against your home. Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage.

Who can Even help?

I have a small deposit

If you want a 90% mortgage, but only have 5% saved, we can loan you up to 2x your deposit.

I’m restricted by income

If you have enough deposit, but your salary restricts you from buying what you need, Even can help too.
Dr. Popo needed to be near her hospital, but was priced out of the market. Even prescribed her a budget top up and now she’s happy in her first home.

Without Even, I’d
still be

Exactly. Only half of us have access to the good old 'bank of mum and dad', Even is here to help the other half.

What about first time buyers without wealthy parents?

What could I afford with Even?

How does it work?

We lend up to 2x your savings, interest free

That’s right you can triple your deposit with an interest free loan from Even.

It’s your home, own it

It’s your home, so settle in. You can even renovate if you like.

We share the change in value

When you repay us, through sale or another way, we split any increase in value.

We’re on a mission to

end home ownership inequality

More and more of us are being priced out of the property market, paying extortionate rent which makes it impossible to save. Even levels the playing field so everyone can reap the benefits of being on the property ladder.

Buy your home,

help the homeless

When you join Even, we donate to Beam, helping to get the homeless jobs and housing.

So if renting is getting you down, don’t get mad: Join Even.

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