How does

Even work?



Find out how much Even could lend you, what it costs and the ways you can pay us back.

How much can Even lend?

You need a minimum of 5% deposit of your intended purchase price. The amount we can lend to you is:

Up to two times your deposit

Up to a maximum of £100,000

How does Even make its money?

We split any increase or decrease in value in the property when you repay. Our share is based on our loan contribution relative to your deposit.

In this example, Even’s loan is 50% of the total deposit of £20,000. So Even’s share of profit (or loss) is 50% at repayment.

What if…

Prices go up a lot?

We cap our profit at two times our orginial loan amount if you repay within ten years (three times after ten), meaning you get a bigger share.

Prices go down?

It’s only fair that if we take an increase in value, we also share in the pain if prices go down (restrictions apply, see below for details)

When don't Even share the loss?

If you pay us back within six years without selling the property (for example, by remortgaging).

If you sell and our share of the loss is more than your outstanding Even balance (we write off the loan, but don't cover further loss).